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Helping Horses Help Kids 10th Annual Charity Event
PBJ Connection is hosting the 10th Annual Helping Horses Help Kids Charity Event, Great Pairings. All proceeds go to providing mental and behavioral health therapy to local youth. Please join us by being a ...
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Rocky’s Fan Club
Rocky is the only horse owned by PBJ Connections. He is one of our most popular therapy horses. He travels to events around Central Ohio. By supporting Rocky, you not only ensure that he ...
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Eddie’s Golf Classic and Birthday Blast
Every dollar raised through Eddie’s Golf Classic and Birthday Blast goes to support kids and families in getting the mental health services they need. We know effective therapies change lives. Eddie does a HUGE ...
Hannah girl scouts
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Program Donations
Program donations help support daily operations of PBJ Connections as well as helping to provide financial assistance to clients wherever it is most needed. Thank you for your support!
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