10 GREAT Reasons to Come to the PBJ Connections Open House

Why would you want to give up a few hours on Sunday May 15th to come to the PBJ Connections Open House?  Well, here’s 10 good reasons why!

  1. Donkey Roll Bingo. Best. Game. Ever.
  2. Free food. Who doesn’t like free food? The good junk food kind of free food especially.
  3. Rocky will be there. If you are asking who Rocky is, you need to spend more time on Facebook.
  4. We have a pig. With a cupcake decorated house because her name is Cupcake. Who doesn’t want to meet a pig named Cupcake with a pink house?!
  5. We have donkeys. Especially Eddie the donkey. If you missed his party last weekend, you can still meet him this weekend.
  6. You’ll get to interact with horses. Everyone likes to interact with a horse. And if you don’t, your kids want to.
  7. We will do a demo of EAGALA model EAP. What the heck is that? Well, come to the Open House and find out.
  8. We have cool stuff for sale. Like the cutest stuffed horses, t-shirts and more. Even better is that when you buy our cool stuff, all the money goes to supporting mental health programming using horses. We KNOW you want to support that good cause! Think early Christmas presents.
  9. Have you ever been to the farm? It is BEAUTIFUL. Even when it’s raining it is beautiful. Things are blooming. There is a wonderful pond. It is like paradise in Pataskala.
  10. Our people are pretty cool, too. We love to talk about PBJ Connections and we love to hear your stories! So come on out from 1-3PM.
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About the Author : Holly Jedlicka

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