5 Tips to Prevent Bullying

What is the best way to prevent bullying? To teach kids to be assertive. Assertiveness is empowering, which not only teaches kids to stand up for themselves and respect themselves, but also teaches them that they don’t need to be bullies themselves. Time after time we see kids in our practice that do not know […]

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Substance Abuse = Illness

Did you know that substance abuse is a HUGE problem right here in Central Ohio? Prescription drug abuse and heroin are rampant. The concern is that these drugs are so addictive, and so easy for youth (and adults) to get their hands on. Another difficulty is that substance abuse tends to spiral down and then […]

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Suicide Prevention

How do we prevent suicide? We connect. Connecting with another person is the most important thing for someone who is contemplating suicide. It is a myth that if we ask a person if they are suicidal or ask them to talk about their plan that we might encourage them to follow through. It is actually […]

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