Good Riddance Day

Did you know that in today in New York City it is Good Riddance Day? This is the day where people bring everything from old bills to old love letters and shred them in Times Square. Those of us who are not in New York City might not make it for the actual event, but […]

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Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian We just want to wish everyone a very happy holiday, whatever you may be celebrating. We are celebrating Christmas and are looking forward to quality time, away from the stresses of work, just enjoying family and friends. That includes both two and four-legged family.  We are looking forward to good […]

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Walking Together

Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography As I walked away from the barn this morning after feeding the horses, I saw the three that were turned out in the pasture moving together and grazing together. When one got left behind, he quickly trotted across the field to catch up.  It made me think […]

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Are  you in the Christmas spirit? Maybe it is our warm weather in Ohio this year. Maybe it is what is on the news. Maybe it is just the energy of the universe. But I keep hearing from people, “It doesn’t feel like Christmas this year!” I think when it is one of those years […]

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Is your cup empty?

I’m sure we’ve all been asked, “What do you do to fill yourself up?” Or if you haven’t been asked that question, ask it of yourself now. Social workers, parents, teachers, medical professionals….so many others I can’t even list them all, often operate from a giving standpoint 100% of the time. If we are always […]

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Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian The idea of gratitude comes up a lot, especially during the holiday season. But sometimes at the end of a long day, or a long week, it can be difficult to feel grateful. Some days we are just overwhelmed with gratitude, and sometimes we have to look for it. This […]

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I recently read a cute story that went something like this: One Christmas season, I asked my niece if she had written to Santa. She said no, she wasn’t going to write to him that year. Fearing that her older brother had said something, I asked, “Don’t you believe in Santa?” The niece said, “Oh, […]

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