Donkey Trivia

Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography   Eddie asks: Why are a donkey’s ears so big? What is the difference between a donkey and a mule? How long do donkeys live? What is the story about the cross markings on the back of a Sicilian donkey? What is the difference between a donkey […]

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5 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse

Be the support system. We are all busy, but the more we can support each other, the more we can alleviate each other’s stress. Not to mention, when we are the support system, we notice when something is wrong. Don’t be silent. If you think something is wrong, report it. Most people want to do […]

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Child Abuse Awareness

April is Child Abuse Awareness month. Franklin County Child Protective Services gets 30,000 calls a year reporting child abuse or neglect. Three million children are victims of child abuse annually in the United States, with three children dying every day because of child abuse. PBJ Connections is passionate about helping families so that child abuse and […]

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