What is a safety plan, anyway?

Working with people who have mental health issues, we sometimes have to develop safety plans with a client when they are unable to keep themselves safe. This involves getting them the supervision and help that they need, 24-7. This might involve getting family members on board and locking up things like medications, kitchen knives and […]

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How to Talk about Suicide

Some topics are just naturally uncomfortable to talk about. Suicide is one of those topics. These few simple steps will walk you through how to talk to someone who you suspect of thinking about suicide. Ask them. If you even suspect that someone you know is suicidal, ask them. Literally say to them, “Are you […]

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Talk Saves Lives-Risk Factors for Suicide

As we continue our discussion about suicide, let’s talk about some of the risk factors that may be involved in a person wishing to take their own life. A person struggling with a mental health issue, chronic pain or a substance abuse disorder is at higher risk of committing suicide. That does not mean that […]

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Talk Saves Lives-Warning Signs of Suicide

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention talked to us yesterday about how to prevent suicide. The title of their presentation was, “Talk Saves Lives”. The premise is that if you are willing to bring the topic of suicide up with others, you have a very high chance of helping someone (or getting help yourself) who […]

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Horse Care in the Heat

At PBJ Connections, it is really important to us to take care of all our horses no matter the weather. Here are some tips for helping your horse stay cool in the summer: Provide plenty of water. Horses drink gallons of water a day and they like fresh water the best. Keep them hydrated. Provide […]

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Summer Solstice

Photo Courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography   Summer is here, officially. Summer, to me, is drinking iced tea and being outside until dark. It is sweating in the barn and eating ice cream on the weekends. Summer is when all the colors of nature are alive. I can sit and watch the birds, […]

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Nature-Deficit Disorder

Though not recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, nature-deficit disorder is the thought that being disconnected from nature, especially as children, can cause a variety of behavioral problems. Though this has yet to be scientifically proven, Richard Louv in his book Last Child in the Woods talks extensively about what he sees as our disconnect from […]

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Why is nature so important? What does it do for us, really? And if it is so good for us, why are we so disconnected from it? These are important questions. We often wonder if some of the problems that the world faces today is because of a disconnection to nature, and therefore each other. […]

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