How Horses Parent

Since we’re talking about parents this week, and we work with horses who typically make excellent parents, we wanted to talk a little bit about how horses parent. Since horses live in the moment and make decisions based off what is actually going on in their environment (unlike humans, who typically made decisions based off […]

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Featured Parents

When I set out to write about parents this week, I wanted to feature a parent. Who better to feature than my own. They were perfect parents. They had that balance of setting limits and giving freedoms. They encouraged independence but had strong family values. They were the type of parent that didn’t have to […]

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According to Wikipedia, a parent is a caregiver of the offspring of their own species. That makes sense, but what is a parent, really? Is it someone who teaches us or takes care of us? Is it someone we can confide in or someone who protects us? At what age do we stop needing a parent, or do we […]

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Mimi Sommer

Some lives end suddenly and tragically. Others end after an epic battle of the wills. Mimi Sommer was one of the latter. She was a friend, a mentor, a dear Board member and I am so sad that the world no longer has her in it. She passed away this weekend and it makes me […]

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What ARE you feeling?

Every moment is a choice. We chose to go left or right. We chose to eat the donut or the apple. We chose to help someone or pass them by. We chose to pull the trigger or not. Some of our choices are driven by necessity; some by habit. All are influenced by emotion. When […]

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