Skillful Communication

What is skillful communication? We all have a general idea of whether we are communicating clearly or not. More often that not, it boils down to two things: saying what you mean and listening. OK, so it isn’t quite that simple. It is also HOW we say what we mean. We can say it in […]

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Effective Leadership

Effective leadership isn’t just about stepping up and taking the lead. It is about surrounding yourself with a team so that everyone is supplementing each others’ skills. A strong leader means a strong leadership team.   Here are a few tips on developing a strong leadership team: 1. Know your own strengths and surround yourself […]

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Horse Families

Do you know that horses do fun things with their horse families? Some of these things are: -Halter tag, otherwise known as Face tag, where they nip at each others’ faces and see who will back away first. -They eat family meals together….about 18 hours a day! -They scratch each others’ backs. And they can […]

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The “What If” Train

Is your child getting anxious about going back to school? Or are you getting anxious about your child going back to school? Or anxious about anything, for that matter? Well, people tend to get on what I call the “What If Train”. This is when we start to ruminate on something we have no control […]

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Importance of Family

Why are families important? We all need support. Kids and adults like need to have connections to others. Without connection, we are trying to go it alone. None of us, no matter how strong we think we are, can go it alone. Families provide this support. For those of you saying, “I never got any […]

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