National Social Workers Month

You know how there is now a month, week or day for everything? Well, March is National Social Workers Month. This one feels important to us because three out of our four clinicians are Social Workers. In fact, there are about 27,000 social workers in the state of Ohio compared to only about 6,000 licensed […]

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Rocky Says: I’ll Adopt You!

Humans look funny. I mean you walk on two legs like you are rearing and your eyes stare straight ahead. It’s kind of intimidating, if you think about it. But you also know just how to scratch us and give us lots of treats. You often help us feel safer and more comfortable. But not […]

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Showing Up for Racial Justice

What makes us feel less than or better than? What makes us judge each other or ourselves? Are we really all created equal? How do I support people who are so different from me that I don’t understand them? These questions and more will be discussed at our Wednesday training on “Calling In: Navigating Difficult […]

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Rocky Says: My First Family

I don’t remember a lot about my mom. I remember that she was warm and I felt protected. I remember there were pastures and that we were pretty much left alone by humans. And I see pictures of lots of other horses that were my brothers and sisters and cousins. I didn’t know my dad. […]

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What is Family Coaching?

Over the years, we have discovered that almost all families struggle with some of the same issues. This can be exacerbated if there are mental health issues, economic issues, grief, divorce, or any number of other things. It can also be swept under the rug by families who want to appear that everything is fine […]

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Rocky Says: I have a Family!

Did you know horses have families? When we are little baby horses, our mom’s raise us for a while. We typically never meet our dads. When we have humans as part of our families, like I also have, they will often change our families for us as we get bigger. They’ll give us new family […]

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Easing Family Conflict

Most families, no matter what they look like, love each other deeply. The love a family feels for each other is often the most rewarding and painful thing that we all experience. We care so much for our family members that we expect something different from them than we do from other people, and this […]

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Rocky Says: I’m Shedding

It started early this year, but every year, twice a year, we lose our hair coats as we grow in a new one. Mine is particularly fantastic as the weather gets warmer because I have a LOT of hair. In fact, I have so much hair in the winter that I get hot all the […]

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The Winter Wall

About this time of year, every year, many of us hit our “winter wall”. The winter wall is that moment when you start to think that you can’t stand another moment of gray, or cold, or short dark days. We know intellectually that the days have been getting longer since December 22nd, but it doesn’t […]

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