Rocky Says: Here Comes Valentine’s Day!

I don’t know exactly what Valentine’s Day is because as a horse, every day is the same. Except some are warm, and some are cold. Some are longer and some are shorter. And some days the humans give us extra treats. I’m pretty sure that is what Valentine’s Day is. When the humans give us […]

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How Horses Show Affection

Every morning when we turn horses out into the pasture, they greet each other. Some do this with a trumpeting whinny. Others wait at the gate until their buddy arrives and they can walk off together. We even have two that have to touch each other’s noses every time they have been apart, before walking […]

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Happy Groundhog Day

Every culture has its superstitions and beliefs, some of which are deeply meaningful and some of which bring a levity to various holidays and times of years. One of these is Groundhog Day, officially tomorrow, February 2nd. Initially, early Christians celebrated Candlemas in early February, where candles were distributed and blessed. They held a belief […]

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Rocky Says: I Help Humans

I help humans by giving them feedback. I just pay attention to everything they are doing, their tone of voice, their movements and their intention. Then I give them very clear feedback. The humans trust my feedback because they know I mean it. Maybe it is because I’m bigger than they are (no short leg […]

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