Most of us have heard about the five stages of grief, yet so often we forget that going through these stages can be a very fluid process and last a very long time. Let’s spend a few minutes looking at what these stages can feel like, and remember that we can cycle through any of […]

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I LOVE carrots. Carrots are my favorite thing in the whole world! They crunch and they are sweet and you can see them from very far away because they are orange. I get really excited when a human brings me a carrot. Which doesn’t happen as often as I wish. Not because the humans are […]

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Finding the Right Equine Therapy Program for You

Those of you who are in the horse industry know that there really isn’t much regulation in the United States on horse professionalism. Basically anyone can be a horse professional just by taking money for their services. Unfortunately, this can carry over to the equine assisted therapy realm as well. Therefore, it is important to […]

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Five tips to Wellness

Wellness is something that we hear doctors, therapists, the media, our parents, really everyone talk about. We know it is important, but we get conflicting advice constantly depending on the agenda of the giver of the advice. How do we really know what is important for us as far as wellness and what isn’t? Here’s […]

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Measurable Benefits of Horses on Our Health

The question came up in conversation this week, what are the measurable benefits of being around horses? Those of us who are around them can say that they make us feel better, we like the exercise, they are magical, it gets us outside, they “understand” us. But how do we quantify that? Well, I have […]

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But really, why horses?

I spent the weekend facilitating a clinic on Riding with Confidence. The participants were all avid horse people who had, essentially, lost their nerve at some point. All of the reasons were valid, such as physical injury from a fall or a traumatic experience while riding. I heard stories about people landing in the hospital […]

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Psychoeducation Vs. Psychotherapy

What is the difference between psychoeducation and psychotherapy? Both are words that get tossed around on a regular basis, but even when we asked experts that were in the field of counseling, many of them had difficulty distinguishing between the two. We thought we’d bring a little clarity to these words. Let’s start with psychotherapy, […]

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Rocky Says: Let’s Learn!

I think I’ve tried to explain to the humans before that horses learn by doing and understanding. If we aren’t doing what you want us to do, it’s because you are not making sense. It is not because we don’t want to do what you are asking; it’s because we don’t understand what you are […]

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5 Tips To Prevent Bullying

What is the best way to prevent bullying? To teach kids to be assertive. Assertiveness is empowering, which not only teaches kids to stand up for themselves and respect themselves, but also teaches them that they don’t need to be bullies themselves. Time after time we see kids in our practice that do not know […]

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