The Gray Area

I was listening to NPR Radio today, as I often do, and they were having discussions on several controversial things that are being debated in current events. It struck me, as it often does, that the controversy comes because there is no black and white…..there is only gray. I am one of those people who […]

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Rocky Says: Get A Job!

I am going to tell you about a few different jobs that horses might have and you can tell me which you think you’d like the best. I am a therapy horse. I get to interact with all kinds of different people and my job is to just be a horse and give them feedback […]

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How Friendship Changes

There are many kinds of friends. There are the friends we have forever and the friends we have because we are have some mutual interest. Our neighbors might be our friends because they live near us. We might have friends that are coworkers, but once the job changes, so do the friends. The one constant […]

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Rocky Says: Horse Hygiene

I think horses have a different idea of hygiene than humans. Humans want us to be clean and shiny and give us baths, often with sweet smelling shampoos and conditioners. This can feel REALLY good on a hot day, but guess what? We like being dirty! The dirt and sand that we roll into our […]

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Make Ripples not Waves

Most of us go through life thinking, at times at least, how wonderful it would be to obtain fame or do something great or create something world-changing. We like to think we could make a big splash in the world, or at least in our neck of the woods, and that people would recognize us […]

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