Rocky Says: Don’t Miss Out

Money doesn’t mean much to me because I don’t really know what it is. I hear the humans talk about it….a lot! I’ve also heard that the humans need it in order to buy me carrots, though I’m not quite sure why they can’t just dig them up out of the garden. But since my […]

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Making the Ask

There are parts of every job and every situation that we just don’t like. This starts early in childhood where we might love going to school, but hate math class. Or we might enjoy playing soccer, but we dread some of the practice exercises. As adults, if we’re lucky enough to love our job, there […]

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Rocky Says: Transition Takes Motivation

I heard the humans were talking about transitions this week. Horses do lots of transitions, from standing to walking, or walking to trotting, or trotting to cantering. Sometimes we do transitions slowly, from one gait to another. We take our time getting into the new gait because we aren’t in a hurry. Of course, something […]

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We all come to these moments in our lives where things are changing. This can be forced upon us suddenly with the loss of a loved one or a job opportunity that we weren’t looking for. Or it can be a slow process of inner unrest that leads us to eventually make that move to […]

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