Rocky Says: Let it Snow!

Winter is here! I love winter because I can stay outside longer without hunting around for shade or swatting away bugs. My humans come to the barn bundled up in hats and scarves with red cheeks from the cold air—it’s too bad they don’t have nice warm fur like me. My favorite part of winter, […]

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5 Gifts to Give Yourself

As the holidays approach, we are bombarded with commitments to giving. We give thoughtful gifts to our friends, we reach out to our family to express our gratitude, and we donate to charity as we can. However, sometimes we forget one important person to give to this time of year: yourself.  It’s important to balance […]

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Rocky Says: Wear Your Coat!

Winter is here!  I love winter. The cold air feels so good, and the snow is especially fun for me. I can be outside more in the winter because there are no flies and I don’t need to hide in the shade to stay cool. I know my humans don’t always love the snow and […]

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Finding Balance

This time of year can be busy for a lot of us. Your job or school may keep adding on more work, and the holidays mean obligations with family and friends. On top of that, it gets darker earlier and earlier, so the days feel short. How do we keep ourselves from going feeling overwhelmed […]

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