5 Gifts to Give Yourself

As the holidays approach, we are bombarded with commitments to giving. We give thoughtful gifts to our friends, we reach out to our family to express our gratitude, and we donate to charity as we can. However, sometimes we forget one important person to give to this time of year: yourself. 

It’s important to balance generosity toward others with self-appreciation. Here are a few things you can “gift” to yourself this holiday season.

  1.     A good night’s sleep. The holidays can mean a lot of commitments – from a packed schedule of Christmas parties to making sure every present is wrapped and under the tree. Sometimes we forget how important it is to get a good night’s rest of eight full hours of sleep, so set aside a night to go to bed early. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next day.
  2.     A day off. As the year winds down, we can find ourselves busier than ever at work and school. Worst of all, sometimes we bring our work home, making what should be a relaxing environment into an extension of the office. Give yourself a day off for your mental health, and take that day to relax and focus on things you enjoy.
  3.     A subscription to something you love. There are all kinds of subscriptions out there these days, from online television and movie programs to monthly packages of different items. Find one that suits your interest and buy a few months’ subscription. This gift will serve as a little treat and pick-me-up as you get into the next year.
  4.     A good book. Find a book that will help motivate or inspire you, and give it to yourself. This gift keeps giving back to you as you take time to relax and read it. Try a how-to book on a hobby you’ve always thought about trying or indulge in a fantasy novel.
  5.     A sincere compliment. Take a few minutes and a few pieces of paper and write down the things you love about yourself—what you really love and why that makes you so special. We often get so caught up in the hustle of our daily lives that we forget that we are indeed unique human beings with unique gifts to give to the world. Take a little bit of time to remember what you offer.

Do not consider it selfish to take time for yourself. You are a valuable member of a community, and you need to be recharged and feeling your best in order to contribute to others.

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