5 Ways to Prevent Child Abuse

  1. Be the support system. We are all busy, but the more we can support each other, the more we can alleviate each other’s stress. Not to mention, when we are the support system, we notice when something is wrong.
  2. Don’t be silent. If you think something is wrong, report it. Most people want to do the right thing, so often when a child is abused, it is out of a lack of skills or understanding. Caretakers and kids can’t get help if no one is talking to them.
  3. Learn coping skills. And then teach them to others. Child abuse often happens when someone is at the end of their rope as a caretaker. The better you are at coping skills, the more you are modeling them for those around you, including other caretakers and children.
  4. Trust your gut. This does not mean walk around paranoid, but if something doesn’t feel right, reach out to the child, the parent and the authorities. And by all means don’t trust your children with someone who gives you a bad feeling.
  5. Know where your kids are. This might seem like a simple one, but it is a struggle in many families. Be the annoying parent, aunt, uncle, or grandparent that is constantly checking in. Don’t leave this to chance. They will thank you later!
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