Rocky Says: Sharing Attention

I like attention, especially this time of year when my hair is shedding and I’m itching all over! But lately, lots of the humans have been giving attention to Eddie. I know this is because his party is coming up. I watch and listen and understand that it is important for him to get the […]

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Eddie the Therapy Donkey

You know how sometimes there is just someone who is extra special? They have that “old soul” and would do anything for anyone, but still have sass so they certainly aren’t a doormat? One of those special someone’s is our very own Eddie the Donkey. We have many horses and donkeys that we interact with […]

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Last night we had a family here for a session. They set up an obstacle that represented “Understanding” and then labeled all the donkeys as something they needed to achieve understanding. Eddie the donkey was “Communication”. He was the only one who achieved understanding. The clients noted that this happened because they were feeding him […]

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Fun Horse and Donkey Trivia

How much do you know about horses and donkeys? Test your knowledge with some fun horse and donkey trivia! What is the triangular part on the bottom of a horse’s foot called? Approximately how many feet of intestine does a horse have? Why are a donkey’s ears so big? What is the difference between a […]

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The Arts

What is it about the arts that is so inspiring to so many of us? We might not even understand the art we are looking at, but we still want to talk about it and still find it interesting. After living with an artist for the past few years, I’ve learned that is the point. […]

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Rocky Says: Meet My Unique Friends!

I’m kind of short with stubby, hairy legs and a big head. I’m very broad and have a long blond mane and tail. I’m very light colored overall and I like eating and being a follower. Boden is medium-sized and red. He has swirls on his head and really likes the ladies. He is almost […]

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Most of us have heard about the five stages of grief, yet so often we forget that going through these stages can be a very fluid process and last a very long time. Let’s spend a few minutes looking at what these stages can feel like, and remember that we can cycle through any of […]

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I LOVE carrots. Carrots are my favorite thing in the whole world! They crunch and they are sweet and you can see them from very far away because they are orange. I get really excited when a human brings me a carrot. Which doesn’t happen as often as I wish. Not because the humans are […]

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