Suicide Prevention

How do we prevent suicide? We connect. Connecting with another person is the most important thing for someone who is contemplating suicide. It is a myth that if we [...]


We did want to take a moment to acknowledge that today is 9/11. So many lives were touched on that day. When I reflect on this, I can’t help [...]

Horses and Kids

I have been watching horses for over 30 years now, and have recently been watching a new horse get acclimated to new surroundings. Sometimes they have a little trouble [...]

PB & J

August is National Sandwich Month. What is the favorite all-American sandwich? Some might say the turkey club. But we say it is the PB&J! Why? Because the PB&J brings [...]

Take a Break!

Remember the cute commercial of the kids that are gobsmacked that their parents aren’t taking all of their vacation days? Most Americans don’t take all of their days, and [...]
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