The Gray Area

I was listening to NPR Radio today, as I often do, and they were having discussions on several controversial things that are being debated in current events. It struck [...]

Smoke Screens

Earlier today someone said to me, in reference to a client, that the client was talking about a “smoke screen” instead of talking about the real issue. This conversation [...]


What makes a superhero a superhero? I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks, but for me a superhero is someone who does something extraordinary and for the greater [...]


Peace is something we find in dreams, in movies, in times of happiness. It can be much harder to find it in daily life or times of stress. But [...]

Good News

Sometimes in this helping line of work it becomes too easy to only notice the bad news. Bad news has a heavy emotional impact, making it almost easier to [...]

Dancing in the Rain

One of our office workers has a magnet above her desk that says, “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to dance in [...]
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