Building Strong Teams

What makes a strong team? This can be different for everyone, but there are a few basics that help any group of people operate better. Good communication skills, positive leadership, understanding roles, and building on people’s strengths are all imperative in creating a strong team.

Did you know that PBJ@Work deals with all of these things? PBJ@Work is our corporate team building program. Groups participate in equine assisted learning activities for anywhere from two hours to all day at one of our four equine facilities. Groups are taken through experiential activities that help them address their specific goals.

For example, a recent group identified that they had three different areas that people worked in, and those three groups had difficulty communicating with each other. The whole group was asked to identify what the top obstacles were in preventing them from communicating effectively among the groups. They then set up physical representations of those obstacles and worked to get the horses over the obstacles. The horses came to represent “trust” and “common goals”. As they interested with “trust” and “common goals”, the team started to realize how different everyone’s job was and how intricately they were all related. This helped them open up lines of communication and, even when things were a struggle at work, they were able to at least have a better understanding of why someone was prioritizing the way they were.

Does this sound like something that your team would benefit from? Who doesn’t want to have fun with horses while improving their team’s performance and supporting a great cause!

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