Importance of Family

Why are families important? We all need support. Kids and adults like need to have connections to others. Without connection, we are trying to go it alone. None of [...]

Child Abuse Awareness

April is Child Abuse Awareness month. Franklin County Child Protective Services gets 30,000 calls a year reporting child abuse or neglect. Three million children are victims of child abuse annually [...]

Walking Together

Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography As I walked away from the barn this morning after feeding the horses, I saw the three that were turned out [...]

Suicide Prevention

How do we prevent suicide? We connect. Connecting with another person is the most important thing for someone who is contemplating suicide. It is a myth that if we [...]


We did want to take a moment to acknowledge that today is 9/11. So many lives were touched on that day. When I reflect on this, I can’t help [...]
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