We all come to these moments in our lives where things are changing. This can be forced upon us suddenly with the loss of a loved one or a [...]


Peace is something we find in dreams, in movies, in times of happiness. It can be much harder to find it in daily life or times of stress. But [...]

Good News

Sometimes in this helping line of work it becomes too easy to only notice the bad news. Bad news has a heavy emotional impact, making it almost easier to [...]


We’ve all heard it before: Life is a Journey. Well, that sentiment is loaded with truth. I was talking to someone today who was talking about her perspective 30 [...]

The Arts

What is it about the arts that is so inspiring to so many of us? We might not even understand the art we are looking at, but we still [...]

Five tips to Wellness

Wellness is something that we hear doctors, therapists, the media, our parents, really everyone talk about. We know it is important, but we get conflicting advice constantly depending on [...]

How to Unplug

You know how we are all going around joking about being addicted to technology? Well, that may not be such a joke. Our technology actually can be addictive as [...]
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