Eddie Helps Children Who are Victims of Child Abuse

Let me tell you how Eddie the Donkey helps children heal when they have suffered abuse:

  1. Eddie unconditionally likes kids. He doesn’t care if they are sad, happy, angry or confused. Everyone needs to feel as if someone likes them and cares about them.
  2. Eddie will spend quiet time with kids and families alike. He shows them how to interact with each other without forcing or yelling. He is the perfect example of calm assertiveness.
  3. Eddie will show someone the way. He always knows what is needed to motivate someone. He will walk over to their car. He will stand between a child and a parent. He will walk over an obstacle that a child has created, showing them how to move over something difficult. He never fails.
  4. Eddie knows how to have healthy relationships. He shows people how to listen and how to be a leader. And he always knows when it is time to listen and when it is time to be a leader.
  5. Eddie loves hugs. Positive touch is SO important for everyone, especially kids. Eddie has this mastered.

For these reasons and MANY more, please consider supporting Eddie by sponsoring his Golf Classic and Birthday Blast. Your sponsorship gives Eddie the opportunity to do another session with another child who has suffered physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Help Eddie today by visiting his page here.

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