Eddie the Therapy Donkey

You know how sometimes there is just someone who is extra special? They have that “old soul” and would do anything for anyone, but still have sass so they certainly aren’t a doormat? One of those special someone’s is our very own Eddie the Donkey.

We have many horses and donkeys that we interact with here at PBJ Connections, but Eddie is one of those extra special animals. Not to say anything bad about any of the others, but we are always saying, “Eddie is the best donkey,” and “Eddie could do therapy all by himself. He doesn’t need the human facilitators with him.”

Years ago, we adopted a three-week old foal from Last Chance Corral. We already had a mare here with a foal and thought she would help raise this one. She had no interest. In fact, every horse we tried to pair this orphan with rejected her completely. So we brought in Eddie. He walked right up to the gate and clearly accepted his role as surrogate parent for months. He taught the foal how to graze, socialize and have a very strange whinny.

Eddie is also brilliant with clients. One time, a kid was trying to show his mother that he feels ignored. She wasn’t listening. The kid walked to the far side of the paddock and turned his back on Eddie. After a pause, Eddie walked over the obstacle the kid had created and straight up to the kid. Another time, a kid was refusing to get out of the car. Eddie, who was loose on the property as he often is, walked up to the car and stuck his head inside. The kid said, “Well, I guess he wants me to participate,” and got out of the car. You can’t make this stuff up! Eddie is just that good.

As perfect as he is, Eddie is also the one to kick up his heels when you tell him it’s time to go back to the donkey field. He is also the one who will open the barn door and help himself to a bale of alfalfa. He wears an adorable little blue blanket when it’s cold out and he always tells us what he needs.

Yes, Eddie is a special therapy animal. We hope you all have someone that special in your life, too.

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