Enjoy the Elements – Fire and Air

Photo courtesy of A. Kasarjian Art and Photography

As we set up for our first Wellness Workshop of the year, we are reviewing the elements and how powerful they are. We’ve talked about water and earth, which leaves us fire and air. They exist together. Fire creates warmth and life. We think of fire in our hearts or fire in our bellies. It is the drive that keeps us going. It is the element that changes wood or coal or any other number of earthy substances into completely different substances. It can recreate landscapes; it can destroy. It is also essential for renewal as a natural way of feeding the environment and helps to feed us as we can create food over fire.

Fire can’t exist without air. We can’t survive without air. We have to be breathing to be alive, and we tend to pay no attention to this life-giving force. Yet paying attention to breath is the single most grounding action we can take. Breathing deep awakens our senses and triggers calming responses in our bodies. It reminds us to get present. Air is a beautiful and necessary element.

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