Facts on Foster Care

PBJ Connections serves many children who are in the foster care system or have been in the foster care system. When children are in a family that needs the state to intervene in some way, they are automatically more at risk of developing mental health issues and experiencing trauma. Here are a few facts about the foster care system.

-There are an estimated 410,000 children in the foster care system at any given time.

-Around 55% of these children have a goal of reunification with a biological parent.

-46% of children with a goal of reunification were in the foster care system for less than one year.

-The average age of a child in foster care is eight. However, there are children from infants to 18 years of age in the foster care system.

-Of the children in foster care, approximately 45% are White, 24% are African American, and 22% are Hispanic.

Regardless of the length of stay, race, or placement factors, all children in foster care are in need of love, patience and often mental health treatment.

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