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When I set out to write about parents this week, I wanted to feature a parent. Who better to feature than my own. They were perfect parents. They had that balance of setting limits and giving freedoms. They encouraged independence but had strong family values. They were the type of parent that didn’t have to keep checking in because they trusted us, though they somehow made us feel that we needed to check in with them. I valued them so much that I didn’t want to disappoint them.

I have learned from my mother that it is OK to be yourself and to always be kind. She has endless patience, which I have had to work hard to obtain in any capacity, and love so great for everyone that we all say she is sainted even in this life.

I have learned from my father to have ambition and a drive that makes me want to do something great for the world. He taught me to have dreams and not limits, and to do things that really have an impact.

They both taught me to love animals, which they may be questioning at this point since I’m SO surrounded by them. But they always knew the value of all living things. They taught me to be good stewards of the earth, but to only take on what is possible in the moment.

Yesterday we talked about the definition of a parent. My parents gave me the only definition I really know. They really had it figured out, though I’m sure they didn’t feel like they did when they had toddlers or teenagers. Even then, they rarely yelled, never threatened, and always created a safe and caring home for my sister and I.

We would love to hear about your parents during this week as we head into National Parents Day on Sunday. Will you share your story with us?

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