I recently read a cute story that went something like this:

One Christmas season, I asked my niece if she had written to Santa. She said no, she wasn’t going to write to him that year. Fearing that her older brother had said something, I asked, “Don’t you believe in Santa?” The niece said, “Oh, yes. He’s always good to me.” When I inquired why, then, she wasn’t writing to him, she replied, “Because if I write and tell him all the things I want, I’ll never know what he just wanted to give me.”

What gifts, literal and figurative, are you wanting to give? What gifts are others in your life already giving to you? Even more importantly, what gifts has life already given to you? Sometimes we are so busy looking for more that we forget to take time and just enjoy what we already have. I give you permission. Enjoy the gifts you already have. For all of us, they are plentiful.

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