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Sometimes in this helping line of work it becomes too easy to only notice the bad news. Bad news has a heavy emotional impact, making it almost easier to remember than good news. Maybe that it why our media focuses on the bad news every day. We get caught up in it and the emotions that it evokes.

Well, good news can evoke a great emotional response as well. Think about that time that you made the winning point on your high school basketball team; made that final salute after a winning dressage test; had the wedding of your dreams; saw a child come into the world. Revel in the emotion that this good news brings.

We all have a choice every day. Do we talk to everyone we see about what is bothering us? Or do we tell them of our joys, of the good things that have happened. It can feel easier to talk about that driver on the way to work who cut you off and how mad it made you. But you could also share the story of how grateful you were that everyone made it to work safely. It is easy to talk about how busy and overwhelmed we are. But what if we talked about how joyful we are to have our jobs, our families, our homes and all of that stuff that makes our day busy.

The good news is everywhere. It is in the dawning of the day and the beautiful creatures that surround us. Good news is in our connections to each other and our own little victories that we experience every day. As you wake up tomorrow morning, make a deal with yourself that you will spend the day spreading good news. Then at the end of the day, celebrate the parts of your day where you were able to do just that. Notice how you feel after a day filled with good news versus that same day filled with bad news. It really is your choice.

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