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The idea of gratitude comes up a lot, especially during the holiday season. But sometimes at the end of a long day, or a long week, it can be difficult to feel grateful. Some days we are just overwhelmed with gratitude, and sometimes we have to look for it. This was a week where I had to look for it, but here’s what I came up with:

My biggest moment of gratitude this week were when a friend was able to fix some things in my house that I would have had to hire out. I am overwhelmed with gratitude about this friend’s help as well as when my other dear friends cleaned the barn, even though it was my day to do it. I am grateful that my co-worker was able to step in and do something that I thought I would be doing late tonight. I’m grateful for my intern helping with paperwork, and that my sister came through her surgery well. I am grateful that my cat stole a bottle top and was playing soccer with it, which made me smile. I’m grateful I got to ride a horse today and that my old dog went running up to the barn this morning.

The world if full of beautiful things and generous people. Don’t forget to look for them on the hard days, and revel in them on the easy days.

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