Mimi Sommer

Some lives end suddenly and tragically. Others end after an epic battle of the wills. Mimi Sommer was one of the latter. She was a friend, a mentor, a dear Board member and I am so sad that the world no longer has her in it. She passed away this weekend and it makes me feel a little lost. She was the person I could call on with a clinical question or an ethical question. She was above bar in all ways. She fought her battles quietly and heroically, and she loved helping people up to the very end.

I’m walking through the pasture today, thinking of you and your dedication to all of your endeavors. You loved your work, your husband, your children and your grandchildren. You loved life and you inspired me to be my best. Thank you, Mimi, for sharing this piece of your life with me, with all of us. May you now have freedom from pain and freedom from all things mortal. And I know your spirit is with us; I can feel it.

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