National Social Workers Month

You know how there is now a month, week or day for everything? Well, March is National Social Workers Month. This one feels important to us because three out of our four clinicians are Social Workers. In fact, there are about 27,000 social workers in the state of Ohio compared to only about 6,000 licensed counselors.

However, there is still a lot of confusion about what a Social Worker actually does. Part of this confusion is because before there was licensing, people were doing “social work” to better their communities, help with child protection, and take care of the needy. Today, in order to be a Social Worker, you actually have to be licensed in the state in which you are practicing.

What do Social Workers do? SO many things! Social Workers work in many different settings, including hospitals, schools, government agencies, community mental health centers, addiction treatment centers, private practice and many more. Social Workers may be working as case managers, intake workers, clinicians, therapists, or managers just to name a few.

If you have had interactions with a hospital, school, court, or mental health agency, you have probably interacted with a social worker. They help to keep our communities strong and advocate for those who struggle to advocate for themselves. Social Workers are active in local and national government and do a lot of work for a fairly small paycheck, especially considering that many of these Social Workers have a Master’s degree.

If you know a Social Worker, thank them during National Social Workers Month.

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