Why is nature so important? What does it do for us, really? And if it is so good for us, why are we so disconnected from it?

These are important questions. We often wonder if some of the problems that the world faces today is because of a disconnection to nature, and therefore each other. There is a whole theory around this called “ecopsychology”. The premise is that we are all part of and effected by nature. Nature effects our psyche, our moods our behaviors; and we certainly effect nature.

Have you ever been having a bad day, where you are feeling really irritated and then you go outside? The breeze hits you and the sun warms you and you suddenly feel calmer. All the demands our our indoor lives make us feel vulnerable and rushed. Nature demands nothing of us but survival. I know some of you are thinking that nature creates more work for you because of the lawn mowing and the weeding in the landscaping. But think about it. Nature isn’t asking you to do those things; humans decided it “should” be that way and created the work that goes with it.

The long and the short of it is that nature really can calm us. It slows us down. It centers us and helps us use all of our senses. It actually makes our minds work differently and our blood pressures go down. So get out there and spend a few minutes in nature, whether it is on your back porch or deep in the words. You are guaranteed to feel calmer.

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