Open Letter to Horse People

Dear Horse Lovers:

As you know, several of us in the horse community are involved in one way or another with PBJ Connections. I personally am passionate about the organization because I experience the joy and honesty I get from horses every day, which makes me one of the lucky ones. Then I see kids who have no exposure to horses or nature, and who are living in homeless shelters, struggling with parents who have drug addictions, or are struggling with the effects of a profound trauma. Did you know that one in four girls will experience some sort of sexual trauma at some point in their lives? Did you know that Autism has increased by nearly 40% in the past 20 years and we don’t know why? Those are the kids we see. Those are the families that come together here at the farm and get honest feedback about themselves from the horses. I know you have walked into the barn when you are having a bad day and noticed how different your horse reacts than when you walk in having a good day. The horses recognize this in the kids, too, and give those kids honest and clear information that they really can’t find anywhere else.

I know that the services we provide to the community are important and necessary. I also know that mental health is difficult to talk about and even more difficult to understand. As a human service organization, we, like so many others, have to continue finding the funding to provide our services. Know that we are working hard to make insurance reimbursement rates match the cost of services. We are seeking partnerships that help to offset costs of the service. We are doing research with The Ohio State University to gather the empirical evidence necessary to prove how power equine-assisted psychotherapy is.

In the meantime, we really do need your help. I am asking personally that you consider a sponsorship of our 8th Annual Helping Horses Help Kids Charity Event on September 17th. The theme this year is Great Pairings and we have wine tastings donated by Powell Village Winery, paired with appetizers from Sidecar. At the event, we will be honoring a leader in the mental health community, Dr. Richard Gilchrest from Children’s Hospital along with a leader in the local horse industry, Nicole Parrill of Hunter’s Court Farm.

Why support PBJ Connections? Because unlike larger non-profits, 100% of your contribution goes to programming, not to overhead. All of your tax-deductible donation brings kids and families together with horses to work on their very real, very destructive mental health problems. Sponsoring through PBJ Connections means your money stays in your backyard and strengthens your community. It also means that people will recognize that you, your business, or the company you work for has a vested interest in making Central Ohio the healthiest and safest place to live, and that you believe in the power of horses to help us do that.

Please consider helping us this year, either by sending a check or sponsoring through Paypal on our website at Thank you for believing that mental health is important and that horses have the power to heal.


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