PB & J

August is National Sandwich Month. What is the favorite all-American sandwich? Some might say the turkey club. But we say it is the PB&J! Why? Because the PB&J brings so many good things together. It brings together the peanut butter and the jelly. It brings together two pieces of bread. It brings together families, even. I have fond childhood memories of the PB&J at picnics, in the school lunch room and at the kitchen table. I’m pretty sure it was the go-to sandwich when Dad had to “cook” dinner. As an adult, it was the staple food of my diet when I was on a tight budget, and is the essential horse show food. It lasts longer in a car than other sandwiches and is vegetarian friendly.

Just the other day, we saw the PB&J bring together a group of college students who came out for a volunteer experience. OK, so some of them said they thought we were going to make sandwiches, but all of them were enthusiastic when they found horses at the farm. And the PB&J’s we gave them for a snack brought a smile to everyone’s face, including the bus driver. September the therapy horse even likes a good PB&J once in a while.

So in honor of National Sandwich Month, grab your favorite bread and favorite jelly and bring it together with some old-fashioned peanut butter. As you take that first bite, let it take you back to all of your favorite experiences with America’s favorite sandwich. We salute you, PB&J!

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