Rocky Says: Don’t Miss Out

Money doesn’t mean much to me because I don’t really know what it is. I hear the humans talk about it….a lot! I’ve also heard that the humans need it in order to buy me carrots, though I’m not quite sure why they can’t just dig them up out of the garden. But since my humans are hosting a big even for other humans so that they help buy me more carrots and help me help kids and families, I’m going to explain why it is important to me that you come to Helping Horses Help Kids.

  1. The food. I love food and I’m pretty sure you do, too. I’m happy with carrots and grass, but I hear the human food at the event is AMAZING! In fact, if someone would like to bring some back for me I’m happy to give a food review.
  2. The drinks. There is nothing like a fresh drink of water! I like playing in it, too. I understand there is something called “wine” at Helping Horses Help Kids. I also understand that humans love wine because it’s like really, really good water. I like dunking my hay in my water and mixing it together, which reminds me that I’ve heard the food and the wine taste amazing together at Helping Horses Help Kids.
  3. The company. There is nothing better (except carrots) than hanging out with friends and meeting new friends! This is what the humans do at Helping Horses Help Kids. I love to squeal and run around and play face tag with my friends. I don’t know what the humans do, but I’m pretty sure it looks similar.
  4. The information. The more I know about something, the more comfortable I am with it. The more humans that know about PBJ Connections, the more we get to do our job and the more carrots we get!
  5. The place. I prefer the green pastures of the farm, but I also like exploring new places. I’ve heard the place where the humans gather for Helping Horses Help Kids is a really cool place to hang out. Take some pictures for me!
  6. The silent auction. I have no idea what this is, to be honest with you. But my humans tell me it is a great way to get cool stuff. I imagine tables full of carrots and apples and cookies, but I think it actually has cool stuff that humans enjoy. And when the humans buy the stuff (with money, whatever that is) we horses get to help more families and eat more carrots! There’s a theme here….

So, take it from the horse’s mouth, you don’t want to miss this.

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