Rocky Says: I have a Family!

Did you know horses have families? When we are little baby horses, our mom’s raise us for a while. We typically never meet our dads. When we have humans as part of our families, like I also have, they will often change our families for us as we get bigger. They’ll give us new family members that are the same age as us, but will typically give us an adult horse to be our leader.

As grown up horses, we still have a family. My family is my three best friends. We live together, eat together, play together and keep each other safe. It is really important in my family that someone is always the leader. The leader has the hardest job because they have to protect the rest of us and make all the decisions. The rest of us can relax when we know who the leader is. In my family, Boden is always the leader. He’s very good at this because he knows his job and is really calm about making decisions.

The rest of us will sometimes work at being Boden’s second. When September is with us, it is definitely his position and I just follow along. I’m happy to do this because then I understand my place. When there are four of us, we sometimes change who is Boden’s second because I like to tell Sirius what to do; Serious tells September what to do; and September tells me what to do. This can also turn into play. I LOVE playing face tag with Sirius and we like to gallop across the field together. He is my play buddy. I don’t play as much with the other two just because they aren’t as interested in playing.

The good part about my family is that we communicate really clearly with each other and we always know where we stand. Everyone is always safe and we keep each other comfortable, even if we have to figure out who gets which pile of hay.

I love my family because we are flexible with each other and there is never any doubt about our relationships. What about your family?

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