Rocky Says: My First Family

I don’t remember a lot about my mom. I remember that she was warm and I felt protected. I remember there were pastures and that we were pretty much left alone by humans. And I see pictures of lots of other horses that were my brothers and sisters and cousins. I didn’t know my dad.

I have a picture of feeling very alone when the humans took my mom and then I never saw her again. I had other horses around me, but I was scared. Once we all realized we were together, we started protecting and comforting each other. I have pictures of us all in a big pasture, eating grass and playing. That was a fun time!

Then I remember having to work very hard. The humans but a harness on me and taught me to pull. I had a partner who looked just like me. We pulled a really heavy plow in a field. One day, I hurt myself very badly by getting caught in a fence. My neck got ripped open and it hurt BAD! This did get me out of work, though. Then these humans took my partner and I to a big show where there was lots of noise and lots of humans. They led us into the arena, talked really fast, and then led my partner out and left me in there. I had no idea what was going on. There was more fast talking and then these three humans came and got me and loaded me on a trailer.

Then I lived with this human family and my new horse family for years. So happily. There was so much food. More food than any horse could want. And I barely had to work. This good life lasted until I moved here to my current family. There isn’t quite as much food here, but there is still plenty and I LOVE my horse family here. Sirius, I’m going to win that game of face tag today!

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About the Author : Holly Jedlicka

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  1. Glenda Childress February 21, 2017 at 9:42 am - Reply

    Rocky we are so happy to have you here!

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