Rocky Says: Horses Have Habits

“Rocky of PBJ Connections do horses have bad habits?”

We equines really like routine. We are more comfortable when things are predictable because we don’t really like surprises, unless it’s a surprise carrot from our favorite humans. We care first and foremost about feeling safe and comfortable. We also care about being with our friends because that helps us feel safe and comfortable. Our habits come from doing the same thing every time the sun is in the same part of the sky. We know when it is time to eat. We like to go to the bathroom in the same places all the time. We like to be with the same friends every day.

Sometimes humans don’t seem to understand what habits are important to us. This can cause us to come up with habits that aren’t so good for us. Sometimes our friends will then start doing the same bad habits. When we feel like it is time to go outside and move around and we are stuck in a stall, we have to take that energy out somewhere. So we might start a habit of walking in circles, or chewing on the stall, or rocking back and forth. If we have a saddle that causes a pinch in our back, we will tell the humans about it by giving them a warning with our ears back, our tails swishing and our head going up. If they don’t seem to understand, we might bite at them. This can become a habit, too, so that even once the pinching feeling is gone, we will always give a warning when a saddle it put on.

What habits do humans have, good or bad?

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