Rocky Says: What Horses Need To Live The Good Life

I am really, really lucky. I have humans that feed me, keep my house clean, make sure I have company, and scratch my itchy spots. Did you know that not all horses have it so good? I would like to help those horses have the same perfect life I have by telling the humans some things they can make sure they are doing for my cousins out there.

  1. We like company. When we don’t have company, we don’t feel safe because we have to be on alert ALL the time. This gets exhausting. Sometimes a donkey or a goat can be OK company, but there is nothing like another horse.
  2. We need shelter. This doesn’t have to be fancy. In fact, when I am locked in a stall I get really hot, so I prefer to just have a shelter that I can go in and out of that will block the wind. Boden doesn’t like to get wet, either, because he starts to get cold. I, however, will stand out in the pouring rain because it feels good and I have a REALLY thick coat. It’s nice to have the choice about whether to be in or out.
  3. Water. We need a lot of water. And even though it seems like we’ll drink anything, we really like fresh water. I make soup out of my water by dunking my hay and spitting in my water. This makes the hay taste better, but then I really like to have a fresh water drink afterwards.
  4. We need grass or good hay almost all the time. When we don’t get to chew enough, our teeth start to grow funny and our tummies don’t feel good. We don’t ever feel full, so sometimes we will overeat. But we are supposed to graze all the time. The humans have to give me hay instead of grass because I get really sick if I eat too much grass. I still get annoyed about this, but I sure don’t want to be in that kind of pain again and I know I can’t control my own eating. I won’t even try. It tastes too good.
  5. We need our feet and our teeth checked regularly. Both our hooves and our teeth just grow and grow. If our feet get too long or chipped it starts to hurt not only our feet but can make our legs feel sore. And if our teeth get too long we can get cuts in our mouth and start to have trouble chewing. If you need a good tooth doctor, you should check out my favorite, Dr. Reiswig ( I can tell he really cares because he notices if we are nervous and his helper always brings treats!
  6. We need space. We are supposed to move all the time (some of us more than others) and if we don’t have the space to move we get anxious. We are supposed to move for safety’s sake and to stay fit. We don’t really know what to do if we aren’t able to move.
  7. Lastly, we need carrots.
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About the Author : Holly Jedlicka

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  1. Glenda Childress April 20, 2017 at 7:38 am - Reply

    Rocky this is really good and something we should all share. Love the photo too!

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