Rocky Says: Human Words

I wanted to take a few minutes and define some human words for you in horse terms. These are feeling words that I think we horses experience a little differently than you humans.

  • Happy-This is when we are content, safe, and understanding what is going on around us.
  • Excited-This is when we aren’t sure what is going on around us. We might feel a little afraid or unsure, so we are ready to run away if we need to. But we are also trying to figure out what IS going on around us.
  • Anger-This is when something hurts or we are backed into a corner. We will defend ourselves if we have to.
  • Jealousy-This is when someone else is getting something we want. We know that if we are cute enough or make enough noise, we will get what we want. Humans taught us this!
  • Love-This is when we are with the ones who make us feel safe and content. We know who does this for us and who doesn’t, so we love the ones that do.
  • Impatience-This is when we know what will make us content and we aren’t able to get it!
  • Joy-This is when we get to run, buck, eat, hang out and just be horses.
  • Grief-This is when something changes and we don’t like or understand the change. We have to wait until we understand our new situation to stop feeling this.

I hope that helps, humans!

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