Rocky Says: I’ll Adopt You!

Humans look funny. I mean you walk on two legs like you are rearing and your eyes stare straight ahead. It’s kind of intimidating, if you think about it. But you also know just how to scratch us and give us lots of treats. You often help us feel safer and more comfortable. But not always.

When a new human enters our herd, we pay close attention. We want to know if you are going to ask to join us or invade us, like a wild cat might. (And I mean a big wild cat, that could eat me for lunch!) We look to see if you come marching right up to us or if you pay attention to us. (And I mean really pay attention, like to my ears and my eyes and the height of my neck.) If a human enters our herd and gives us the energy that they are open and curious about us, we get curious back. We want to know if that human wants to join our herd. We want to know if they want direction from us or if they are wanting to give us direction. If a human seems unsure, we will give them direction (like where to go or what to do) and if we don’t like their response we’ll tell them to leave. If a human is open and curious and wants to give us direction, we are willing to listen and long as they are confident and can be a clear leader.

Then there are the people who enter our herd that we just don’t like at all. Our first response will be to get away from them because they might want to eat us! If they keep pursuing us, we know we can outrun them (humans are quite slow), unless they corner us. So we’ll do everything in our power to stay out of the corners. And we’ll help each other with this. The worst is when humans separate us from each other and then corner us. This is very scary, even though usually then the human will do something kind like scratch us behind the ears. But their energy was like a big cat so it can take awhile for us to realize they aren’t going to eat us!

Most humans, we’ve learned, really don’t want to harm us, but really want to be our friends. Some of them just don’t know how to do it. My suggestion to you humans that really want to join our herd is to listen to us, watch us, and talk to us in our own language. We really don’t know what you’re saying when you open your mouth and start talking.

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About the Author : Holly Jedlicka

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