Rocky Says: I’m Shedding

It started early this year, but every year, twice a year, we lose our hair coats as we grow in a new one. Mine is particularly fantastic as the weather gets warmer because I have a LOT of hair. In fact, I have so much hair in the winter that I get hot all the time, and really haven’t appreciated that it was so warm after I grew in all this hair. At least it rained a lot so I could stand in it and cool off.

Not all of my friends grow quite as much hair as I do. It depends on lots of things, like what kind of horse they are and where they grew up. Sometimes the humans shave my friends so they don’t sweat so much and then they put coats on them. These coats also make great toys if you are playing! You can grab your friends by the coat and drag them around!

Anyway, we are all starting to shed and it is very itchy. Soon, we’ll be sleek in our summer coats which keep us much more comfortable in the warm weather just like our winter coats keep us much more comfortable in the summer. Did you know that our hair traps in warm air so that even when it is very cold we have insulation all around our bodies? This is why you might see us standing out in the snow with a layer of snow or ice on our backs. The snow doesn’t really get down to our skin when we have our winter coats.

Well, the whole point of me talking about this is that now that we are shedding, we really would appreciate being brushed. It is SO itchy! We have to roll all the time and groom each other. But if you would like to come brush us, too, we would really appreciate it!

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