Rocky Says: Let it Snow!

Winter is here! I love winter because I can stay outside longer without hunting around for shade or swatting away bugs. My humans come to the barn bundled up in hats and scarves with red cheeks from the cold air—it’s too bad they don’t have nice warm fur like me.

My favorite part of winter, though, is that special thing that happens when it gets cold and the seasons change: the snow. Snow is unpredictable. It can snow plenty one day, and the very next day the sun can sneak out and melt it all away. Sometimes the snow gets so high my humans have to spend time moving it aside with shovels to make a path to the barn.

I think the snow is beautiful. When we walk outside after the first big snow, it looks like the whole farm is covered in a big white blanket. My favorite part is walking through that new snow with my human, each of us leaving little marks where my hooves and their feet touched the ground.

We horses love the snow. You may think it’s too cold and damp for us, but our fur coats can actually form a shield to protect us from the wintery weather. I can grow a nice thick winter coat to keep me warm. That coat is important because I love to romp and play in the snow—rolling around in the snow and kicking it up is fun!

My humans do some funny things in the snow. They’ll take big piles of it and roll them into figures that look like them called snowmen. Sometimes they’ll lay in the snow and move around to make a “snow angel” imprint in the ground. I tried doing that once and it didn’t look a bit like an angel. Other times they’ll throw snowballs at each other and chase each other around, which can be very fun.

The snow doesn’t last forever, though. As it gets warmer, the snow shrinks and shrinks from the warm sun above us. This makes the ground wet and squishy, with slushy bits of snow left over. This part isn’t always the prettiest, but it has to happen—and who knows, it could snow again the next day!

I love the snow and all the fun it brings. I never know when we’ll get snow, but it’s always beautiful when it comes.

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About the Author : Erica Lewis

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