I LOVE carrots. Carrots are my favorite thing in the whole world! They crunch and they are sweet and you can see them from very far away because they are orange. I get really excited when a human brings me a carrot. Which doesn’t happen as often as I wish. Not because the humans are mean, but because the humans are taking care of me.

You see, I can’t eat too many carrots. If I do, I can get sick because my body thinks they are sugar. This happens to me when a lot of grass, too (which I also love!) Because I love carrots and grass so much, I won’t stop myself. I’ll just keep eating and eating and never feel full. So the humans have to stop me.

Sometimes I get annoyed with the humans for only giving me a little bite of carrot or not letting me eat spring grass. I am enjoying these things and they will just stop me! I’ll stomp my hoof and pin my ears back! But I know that they are just trying to help me so that I don’t get very sick and painful for weeks and weeks. Knowing this does not make me less irritated in the moment, though. In the moment, I’m just thinking of that sweet pop on my teeth and the sugary taste going down my throat.

I guess sometimes we all get mad at humans for caring about us in a way that we just don’t like, even when it’s good for us.

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