Rocky Says: Meet My Unique Friends!

I’m kind of short with stubby, hairy legs and a big head. I’m very broad and have a long blond mane and tail. I’m very light colored overall and I like eating and being a follower.

Boden is medium-sized and red. He has swirls on his head and really likes the ladies. He is almost always the leader because he is confident and fair. He has a problem, though, that makes him a little wobbly on his feet sometimes. He’s had this most of his life along with other health problems. Once, all his hair fell out because he was allergic to grass! In fact, that’s why we’re such good friends; because for a long time neither of us could eat grass. It’s amazing he’s still so confident after all he’s been through.

Pino is almost black. He has some really cool white marking on him and he’s really pretty when he trots or runs. He just likes to be with Ram all the time. They touch noses every morning when they get turned out together. The two of them like to do everything together and Pino will get stressed out if Ram isn’t around. Pino doesn’t seem to care like about the ladies the way Boden does.

Then there’s Hannah. Hannah has spots. Sometimes we (the horses) are a little wary of a spotted horse or a gray horse until we get to know them. This is because predators can spot that horse more easily so they can cause us all to be greater targets. But when Hannah came here she was just a wee little baby. We didn’t really even know what she was, so none of us was ready to be friends with her. It felt like WAY too much responsibility. But Eddie the donkey stepped up to the plate. He spent about six months raising her and keeping her company. He taught her how to graze and be a donkey. He was so good to her and made her understand how to be an equine. To this day, Hannah sounds just a little like a donkey when she whinnies. Now that she’s grown up, we all like Hannah because she can take care of herself. And she entertains us all!

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