Rocky Says: What is the New Year?

Did you know horses don’t tell time the way humans seem to? We tell time by the length of the daylight and the amount of food there is growing on the ground. We definitely wonder why, twice a year, the humans show up way early to feed us or way late to feed us. Then we hear them complaining about “daylight savings”. I’m not sure why the humans are trying to save the daylight. We just grow a longer coat and sleep a little more and keep going.

This month, the humans were talking about a New Year. I’m not really sure what a New Year is, but I did notice that some of the humans were moving slower on that day. They said they stayed up all night. I think they forgot to take their short sleep breaks all night, which is what I do. When I get tired, I just close my eyes and take a nap, no matter where I am. Especially if I’m with my friends because then they can make sure we’re all safe while I sleep.

Anyway, this is the time of year where I have all of my hair grown in and there isn’t much grass to eat.  I get to go out and play in the pasture and I love the snow! I’m always pretty warm, so it feels good to have the cold air and the icicles on my whiskers. So if the New Year is about enjoying each day with your friends, then Happy New Year!

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About the Author : Holly Jedlicka

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  1. Kathy Bower January 24, 2017 at 11:41 am - Reply

    Rocky continues to be much wiser than humans.

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