Rocky Says: Sharing Attention

I like attention, especially this time of year when my hair is shedding and I’m itching all over! But lately, lots of the humans have been giving attention to Eddie. I know this is because his party is coming up. I watch and listen and understand that it is important for him to get the attention so that he can look and feel his best on May 6th.

When I am watching my friends get attention, I get curious. I wonder what is so interesting about my friend that all the others are paying attention to him. If I have hay in front of me, I usually just notice and don’t really think about it too much. If I see carrots come out, then I get a lot more interested!

I’ve noticed that a lot of humans like to have all the attention on them all of the time. This sounds exhausting! We horses like to have attention, but we also like to blend in. It’s safer. So if we were the center of attention all the time, we’d be a ball of nerves.

Sometimes I try to help the humans understand that they don’t have to be the focus of attention all the time. I do this by getting the attention on me with a friendly nip, or I’ll start playing with my friends and just pay attention to my friend instead of the human. Sometimes I’ll just notice them but not give them attention and keep doing what I’m doing. Sometimes they don’t like this, but sometimes then they realize that they don’t always have to be in the middle of everything.

However, once in a while it is good to be the center of attention. Like when your birthday party is coming up and all of the humans will be there!

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