Rocky Says: Wear Your Coat!

Winter is here!  I love winter. The cold air feels so good, and the snow is especially fun for me. I can be outside more in the winter because there are no flies and I don’t need to hide in the shade to stay cool. I know my humans don’t always love the snow and the cold as much as I do, but I think I can convince them otherwise.

I’ve noticed my humans don’t have nice warm fur like we horses do. They have to wear puffy coats and hats on their heads and gloves on their hands just to be able to be outside. Horses like me just need a coat sometimes because we like the cold weather.

Horses wear coats, too. Sometimes we call them blankets because that’s what they look like, a big blanket that straps under our bellies. We can wear our coats all around the barn, in our stalls, in the pasture, and even when we travel. These coats keep us warm as the temperature drops in the winter.

Some horses need to keep their fur short for special jobs or for special shows. Some of my friends like Sirius keep their coats short all year long so they don’t get too sweaty when they are working. When it starts to get cold my fur grows thick to keep me warm, but Sirius has to put his blanket on. I think I would look good in a blanket, but I know would get too hot!

Sometimes when it’s really cold, we do what our humans do and we add some accessories. Just like my humans wear hats or scarves, we horses may wear a hood or neck cover for some extra warmth. But most days all it takes is a little extra hay in our bellies and we are comfortable. 

Next time you see me or one of my horse friends wearing a coat, think of how much good coats can do for us. Don’t forget to wear your coat on chilly days, and button it all the way up!

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About the Author : Erica Lewis

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