Showing Up for Racial Justice

What makes us feel less than or better than? What makes us judge each other or ourselves? Are we really all created equal? How do I support people who are so different from me that I don’t understand them?

These questions and more will be discussed at our Wednesday training on “Calling In: Navigating Difficult Conversations About Race”. It is a timely topic and whether you realize it or not, you are struggling with it. We’ve all gone along for some time feeling like we, as a society and for the most part, defied racism. We are the equal opportunity country, right?

That depends where you are sitting. There are so many ways that we do not all have equal opportunities. As Trevor Noah says in his book Born a Crime, young black men in South Africa have “been taught how to fish, but no one will give them a fishing rod.” This same sentiment can carry over to what life looks like here in the United States as well.

Agree or disagree, this training will give you perspective that you may not have had before. At least give yourself that opportunity; the opportunity to grow.

Join us Wednesday February 22nd from 6-8PM as we hear from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) member Jeanne Decker-Mathews. Find the details on our event page

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